The Original Demons is a slow-burn three part reverse harem (Why Choose) romance fantasy story with a spin on heaven and hell and good and evil. 

Please be aware this series is intended for 18+ and contains strong-language and sex. 

chosen by shadows by Basia Pike

Hell isn’t meant for humans, yet here I am, all up in fallen angel business.

I’ve been thieving for a long time and getting myself out of places where I’m not supposed to be. I’m good at it. It’s kind of all I have, except for my best friend Adam... and his dumb ass wandered right into hell itself when we were on an illegal dig in Thailand. Not so sure we’re going to be getting out of this one.

So yeah, fallen angels, hell, magic; all that shit is real. And of course we got ourselves captured. These fallen angels aren’t so easy to hide from. Lucifer’s sister tried to kill us—a minor inconvenience that didn’t belong in their world—but he protected me. There’s a bond between us I just can’t shake, and I’m pretty sure it’s the only reason I’m still alive.

I’m human. I’m not supposed to be here. Everyone knows what must be done... everyone except Lucifer.

This bond just keeps on growing, building power and need inside of me that might be Lucifer’s only hope... and that of his brothers.

Shit, I’m not getting out of this one, am I?

CHOSEN BY SHADOWS is a slow-burn reverse harem story and book 1 in the Original Demons series.

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I escaped hell... only to wish I’d never left.

We’ve had it wrong all this time. Heaven isn’t the epitome of all that is good and holy... it’s run by a tyrant and hell is the only refuge that fallen angels have left. I should have seen that sooner. Lucifer, Gabriel, and Nathaniel need me, maybe even more than I need them.

It’s time to stop hiding. I’ve been resisting the prophecy Gabriel told me about: the Power of Four. There’s a chance to make this right. I’m mated to three angels destined to overthrow heaven itself. What frightens me is how much I love all of them... and what terrifies me is being left behind.

I can’t be selfish. I have to do the right thing. Godric thinks he can crush his sons into obeying, but there was one thing he didn’t see coming. Something all three of them have in common.

Their love for me.

CLAIMED BY SHADOWS is a slow-burn reverse harem story and book 2 in the Original Demons series.

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chased by shadows

It’s time to end Godric’s tyranny once and for all.

Gabriel’s been kidnapped and taken to the one place I thought I’d never see. Apparently, even thieves get to go to heaven.

While I train with Lucifer and Nathaniel to prepare for a flight with my brand new wings, hell has turned on us. The bastards are just sitting back and waiting for blood to spill so they can swoop in and pick up the pieces. Looks like we’re on our own for this one.

Going against heaven and hell isn’t what I signed up for, but I’m not going to leave Gabriel to a tyrant. I’ve accepted my mates—all of them—and no one is going to keep us apart. Together, the power of four will do the impossible and change the world forever, but first I need to get into heaven without running into an ambush.

Good thing heaven has a back door.

CHASED BY SHADOWS is a slow-burn reverse harem story and the final installment of the Original Demons series, bringing you an epic conclusion that’ll have you cheering on Hayley and her angels!
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